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Throwback on the COP26

A bench in Glasgow

The COP26 was one of the most important conferences of our generation. Here is a little sum-up of it and the progress that grew from it. Time to catch up!

Bunch music cassettes

LP are super trendy these days, and for a part of people, it is for the sound. But for the vast majority, it is because you finally own (again) your beloved album. But now, the LP of your favorite artist are super expensive? You feel like you missed the train? Well, maybe it’s time that …

A christmas tree full of lights

Christmas usually rhymes with opulence. This is why we will give you tips to make your holidays greener. Because we want snow for Christmas every year right?

Jaz Clockc Alarm from the 50s

Second-hand items are the current new trend of our times, you have vintage classy items and you protect the planet at the same time!

Apartments with colours

Decorating your first apartment is one of the big steps in a lifetime. You surely in need of some juicy tips to have a cozy apartment. Let me give you some insights on how to combine eco-friendly items and a nice place to live.

Bird House by Thomas Pericoi

Famous big companies are often prone to violate environmental rights as well as human rights. For a consumer, it is often difficult to choose between cheap prices and eco-friendly values. Here is a list for you of famous brands which are trying to combine both.

A flea market stand

Flea markets may seem old-fashioned, however it is nowadays a great place to acquire cool and eco-friendly objects and clothes. Let us give you some reasons why you should make flea market shopping your new favorite activity.

A fruit blossoming

Ecology and our environment issues are such an actual and serious subject. Plus, reading is a fun way to learn. So why not combine the two of them?

The back of a Villeroy & Boch Alt Straßburg Plate

Made in home is a relatively new way of producing and consuming goods. Let me explain you why it is a cool way to help our planet.


Nowadays, we all know most of our news come from social media, and it’s often difficult to associate this source of infos with sustainability. We did some researches, and here are a few eco-friendly influencers that will share their passion of environment.

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