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Vintage Adler Bottle Opener in Metal


This full of character bottle opener from Adler, an atypical Belgian brewery, is quite hard to find. It has the “old” logo of the brewery graved on it, which makes it uncommon and special.

Adler is a beer brouwed by the brewery Haacht in Boortmeerbeek since 1955.
This belgian pilsner is inspired by the german way of brewing, which could be a possible explanation for the name and logo.

Made out of metal, it will bring the bit of history it’s carrying wherever you bring it.

Like every item made out of metal on The Curious Picker, this item is cleaned and treated against rust and corrosion. Like every kitchenware / tableware product on this shop, hand wash is recommended.

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 10,8 × 0,3 × 4,3 cm


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