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Pair of “Boileau” & “Colbert” Boch Frères Plates (Ø 20.7cm)


This prestigious pair of plates from the Boch Frères (now called Royal Boch) factory is unique. Boileau and Colbert are precisely pictured on them.

Boch Frères is a renowned faïence factory, and this pair is estimated to be more than 100 years old. It represents Nicolas Boileau and Jean-Baptiste Colbert, two important characters during the reign of Louis XIV.

Like every item on The Curious Picker, this item is cleaned manually. Like every kitchenware / tableware product on this shop, hand wash is recommended.

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Weight 295 g
Dimensions 20,7 × 20,7 × 1,4 cm


19th century



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