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Porcelain Wunsiedel Bavaria Tea Cup


This Wunsiedel Tea Cup and its saucer are a sober design example from a country renowned for porcelain making: Germany.
Germany has a long love story with porcelain. With the Meissen factory, it was the first European country to produce it.

It was specially made for a Belgian family “Dupont-Fourdrigniers”, so their heraldic is engraved on the set. The saucer and the cup have the family’s emblem on it, a pelican. This bird is quite popular in Belgium and the north of France.

The tea set is really light as it’s fine porcelain.

Like every item on The Curious Picker, this item is cleaned manually. Like every kitchenware / tableware product on this shop, hand wash is recommended.

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Weight 125 g
Dimensions 11,7 × 11,7 × 6 cm


Estimated before 1975



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